Lost in Thought

By steveng

Pass on the Right (MM267)

or the converse - pass on the left?

I took one of the cars in for a service & MOT this morning and then the bus into Leamington to pass the time.  Not far from London Camera Exchange I came across these Severn Trent trucks with the crews waiting to start work.  I liked the contrast between the older brick buildings with their arches and the new(er) 1970s?) white block. The pass on the right sign might, at a stretch fit with this weeks mono Monday theme.

Looks better in large if you have a minute.
Colour version uploaded as an extra.

Bright sunshine between the showers so this is two images put together in Lightroom as an HDR. I couldn't get any detail in the brickwork and keep the sky from blowing out otherwise.  I was stood in the middle of the road too - apart from when I moved into the shadow of a multi storey car park to see the histogram. I think the old chap parked not far from where I was photographing thought I might be either slightly mad or possibly up to no good :-)

The car passed it's MOT without drama - and I avoided spending any money in LCE. I did buy yet another photography book in the Oxfam bookshop though :-)

Thanks to our host - Apollofly

Thanks also to everyone who commented on James's concentration portrait from yesterday.

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