Willow (TT197)

In our previous house we had a willow tree which was placed in the front garden to provide some additional privacy as we were on quite a busy road and there was only around 5m between the footpath and our front door and windows.  The people who bought the house were not gardeners - not even to my low level of ability - so Gill took many of the smaller plants and moved them to where we live now.  Sadly, the willow was too big to move and they had it taken out - Gill was not pleased!

We bought this Salix as a replacement over the winter,  so it should make it into the new garden some time soon.  It has just started to show catkins so hopefully that is a sign of it's good health.

My effort for tiny Tuesday is this macro image of one of them.

Off out to Ladbroke Photo Club tonight so I'll catch up with your journals tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone who visited my journal yesterday,  I have uploaded a colour version as an extra so you can compare the monochrome with the original scene.

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