That's why they call me Mr. Fahrenheit!


That is the name of the new coffee shop which opened in town yesterday! I tried it out this afternoon - the cappuccino and the raspberry and almond slices are divine!  It's not cheap but it's not as expensive as I feared either. It's about the same sort of prices as Costa etc. (Shame they don't sell coffees by the vat like them!)

It is in the old Cooplands building where I worked very briefly, but it's now unrecognisable from that. It looks amazing in there. The Sincil Street area is near the market and has mostly been home to smaller shops and discount type places, but now some more upmarket brands are moving in, like Lakeland and this new cafe. I daresay the rents are more than cheaper places can run to now. My hairdresser is here too, and they said their prices are going to have to go up to cover the increased cost of renting their compulsorily refurbished salon. It's a shame really, as the customers this street tends to draw in have no more money in their pockets. The shops will probably attract a different "class" of customer, but what of the rest of us?

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