By mindful_life

Shrove Tuesday Pancakes

Today I started my day with some mindfulness meditation before getting the children up and ready for school. Being without a car for the second day I waited at the bus stop for the bus not to arrive. I started to get quite worried about getting to work on time when a friend was driving passed and offered me a lift. It was so kind of her and also an opportunity for us to catch up because we haven’t been able to for quite some time.

I got to work just in time and ploughed through the day well.

I had a wonderful email through from the well-being committee too. As you many know I have been involved in bringing mindfulness into the work place and have arranged for a speaker to come in to deliver an introduction next month. I have written an article to be sent to our office along with the invitation and today’s email was about communicating it to the firm. They plan on sending the invite out next week, with my article and have asked me to do a follow up piece to explain what the session will entail. What was wonderful was that it was sent to a couple of people very high up in our firm and I was introduced as being the expert! It really lights a fire within me to be involved in this and actually at the front of what could be a huge initiative in our firm.

Anyway... after work I went to collect the children from my mum’s and joined them in eating a pancake! Which was delicious!! And then I had the swimming run to do. I missed a parcel which my neighbour took in for me which was these new trainers. I have worn the same brand trainers for running for many years now but my current pair are really worn down so with the marathon in mind I needed to get some new ones to wear in!!

My quote for today is:

“The tragedy in life does lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach.” Benjamin Mays

My current goals are varied and differ in how achievable they are...
I want to keep exploring the mindfulness channel because I am passionate about it... I’m not sure where it will take me but I’m ok with that.
My running goal is more specific but I don’t want to put undue pressure on myself.. I love running and that is the most important thing.
What are your goals!?

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