Tussock Tales

By TussockTales

Light Layers

The weather forecast was calling for a shower but it did not eventuate. However the sky did start to get moody enough that The Boss bundled me into Suzz for a pre grub Blipathon and we wandered around some areas that we had not visited for years chasing light. The Boss confessed that he had forgotten how nice this area is, in the foothills on the Tarras side of the Lindis Pass and I am confident that given the light and inclination we will be back for more.
The Boss wanted to thank all the nice folk with kind wishes on yesterdays Blip. It was a bit of a sad day and your support gladdened his heart heaps. BIG WOOF!

The Mountains in the background are the St Bathens range which have a very distinctive look and The Boss was sorry that he didn't visit while there was snow about. Big note for next year in dPhone. However there was still a lot of green to be had in an area that was burnt to a crisp last time we visited and was now sporting large irrigators, irrigating and lots of Moo Cows manufacturing milk. The Boss got all keen about strawberries and cream for tea after seeing all those dairy makers but reality settled in and he actually had the last of a Quiche Lorraine that he made 4 days ago and has been eating for the last 3. That's the problem if you make something nice and The Bossess is "playing away" . You have to eat it all yourself. I offered to help but he pointed out that he didn't think it would be good for me. I thought it smelt wonderful and he was just being a bit precious but didn't turn down the usual bowl of Grub offered either.

Oh what's in that shed?

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