By misswinterfinch

Trash Pick Up Day

Although the day started at -2ºF by the time the garbage men arrived and this blip was taken it had warmed up to 13ºF or -10ºC.
Bright sunny day today. That does not mean the snow will melt.
How trash collection works in the Oxford area is each household selects its own trash company. There are several to pick from. This plan helps support small families who do it. And each company has a specific day. Mine is Wednesday usually around 9:30 a.m.
I have arranged with the lovely owner to also bring the bins back up to the outside wall of my house since such walking is a bit hazardous for me.
As you can see, there is no green in the landscape and probably will not be until the end of March. This all-white landscape is what we see since November. It has not been a hard winter, all the old-timers agree.
Rumour has it that this will be our last Polar Vortex/Arctic weather until the end of the year. Soon (perhaps next week?) the temperatures will be above freezing.
We are READY! I just moon & dream through the beautiful seed catalogs.

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