Blue Tit

Today’s picture is of a Blue Tit, taken before I went to Addenbrookes for my appointment. It was at the Glaucoma clinic and the laser treatment that was carried out in December 2017 has worked and there is no sign of Glaucoma. However, they have decided that the cataract in my left eye is now suitable for treatment. It is about a four-month wait, which is not too long. It also has to be carried out by a senior specialist Glaucoma surgeon as apparently I have very small eyes, which it seems is also part of the problem!

It was twelve degrees Celsius in the garden at noon, so warmer than yesterday, although it did not feel warmer due to the wind. I stated yesterday that I had not seen the sun; well my husband informed that the sun did shine. I just did not see it as I was working at my computer for much of the day! Today it was overcast and when I got off the bus at the railway station in the late afternoon, it started to rain.

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