Blipping A Blipper

Well, that was a fun day, NOT.
We went in to Cambridge on an early train as my husband had a meeting in Addenbrookes hospital; while he was there I had some retail therapy in Cambridge. I purchased some small items as well as a hat with a peak to keep the sun out of my eyes as the sun is causing more problems than usual with my left eye. It was still painful from the day before although it should not have hurt at all. We met up for lunch and then I purchased a new water bottle for the gym as well as visiting some other shops in the Grafton Centre. As it started to rain around 1430 hours, we decided to catch the 1521 hours train home. So far so good.
When I checked the “trainline” app I discovered that the train had been cancelled so we walked over to the main part of town for coffee. If I had realised the extent of the cancellations I would have caught the Saffron Walden bus home and then got a taxi, or a bus to our village. There were major problems with our line, due to overhead wire problems due probably to the wind; every other train appeared to be running and then cancelled just before departure. The trains did not run either way from Cambridge or London Liverpool Street until about 2100 hours. Eventually some buses were used from the London end, but none, as far as I know from Cambridge and certainly there were none when we there.
Eventually our granddaughter came to collect us from the Babraham Park and Ride. Before collecting us she had to take her Dad to Stansted airport as he had a flight in the early evening for business. We caught the bus in town to the Park and Ride at the same time as Victoria left our village. We had only travelled as far as Addenbrookes hospital when she telephoned to say she was at the Park and Ride. Our daughter had offered to come and collect us, but was elsewhere at the time, so it was quicker for Victoria to collect us. I now have the job of claiming back a refund from the train company.
The weather at noon was ten degrees Celsius; it felt quite cold and was windy; then rained all afternoon and into the early hours of the morning.

I had planned to take a picture when I got home, but as we did not arrive home until almost 1900 hours it was rather wet and dark. Fortunately I had taken a picture of my husband taking the flower beds in Christ’s Pieces.

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