.... Like It's On Rails

It was pouring with rain so I took Ollie dog with me to Fishers Green where we sat in Longlands Hide. A birder, who we have met before, welcomed Ollie. Not much birdlife to see or photograph until a bird-scaring cannon went off at Holyfield farm sending a large mixed flock of geese into the air. Another birder of our acquaintance came in and greeted us but he didn't stay long as the feeders were empty and nothing was showing. 

The rain stopped so we walked to the Bittern Hide which we had to ourselves for the duration. The rain returned and I photographed geese and ducks in flight. This shy water rail appeared briefly and then scurried back into the reeds. Then I saw it walking along a thin, submerged piece of wood as if it was on a rail. It made me think of the Pretty Woman quote about the Lotus Esprit. :)

I was grateful to be able to shelter from the rain with my dog and to shoot wildlife. I do hope that dogs will continue to be welcome in hides in the Lee Valley Park.

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