By Doyley22


.........Were the words MrD spoke when I showed him the snap of the New Holland Honeyeaters.
I'd been trying to capture them all week.
They have been close to our place for about ten days, I would have the camera at the ready....nothing.  I can be patient....sometimes.
I came home this afternoon and there was a din happening next door, walked quietly for the camera and they had moved to the wires across the!  There were fifteen of them.  Aren't they gorgeous.
It was better than a cacophony.

Thank you for the lovely stars and comments for the industrious boys yesterday.  Would you believe Angus is at it again tonight in making cupcakes for his class tomorrow as it's his seventh birthday on Saturday.  Where has that time gone.  Gee. 

The extra shows a phone snap taken from the back window of the sunset fifteen minutes ago - we've had cloud and drizzle all day and now this.  I couldn't let you miss it.

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