No Frame Without Grain

By BobsBlipsFilm


The main photo shows the Anglican church at Isandlwana opposite the battle field with Isandlwana mountain in the background where the battle took place. 

At Isandlwana on 22 January 1879, following Rorkes Drift, 1300 British Soldiers,  were killed in battle against some 20,000 Zulus who also lost about 1,000. It was the greatest lost of life in a day in British Miitary History.

Camera:      Nikon FE2 with Vivitar F2 lens
Film:             Lomography Colour ASA 800

           Zion Church Ubumano nr Rorkes Drift

           The Zulu monument at Isandlwana.......

Camera:        Rollei 35te with 40mm Tessar F3.5 lens
Film:              Lomography Hollywood Berlin B&W ASA400

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