Molly Day!

This morning dawned cold, wet and windy. I decided against taking my camera to my parents', and took a photo of the worst of my blisters from last night. 

It isn't exactly a beautiful photo, and I do usually try to photograph things that aren't too harsh on the eye. But as this also serves as a journal, and I like to record things that happen, I decided to go with this! Sorry!

As I was preparing to leave the train in Metheringham I noticed my Dad's car in the car park. I assumed we'd be going shopping somewhere, but no!

My dad hadn't been keen to get another dog since the passing of Bubbles, but has gradually changed his mind. This is because, with no canine company my Mum has more or less kept him prisoner in the house. If he's outside for more than a few minutes she gives him Hell for "always" leaving her on her own! I think he misses having a dog too - I think it's the longest time in his life that he's not had one.

So off we went to the middle of nowhere, to a dog rescue place near Collingham to meet a Bichon Frisse named Molly. She is 8 and her elderly owner, who'd had her from being a pup, is losing her sight and has become afraid of tripping over her or standing on her.

Molly arrived at the rescue centre this morning, and was collected, along with food, bed, toys etc by us an hour or so later. She's quite a cute little thing despite not having as much fur as she should. She's very friendly, likes her food and she and my folks seem to have taken to each other very well already. She will be spoilt rotten and that is for sure!

I may well have Blipped her if I'd had my camera! That will wait for Saturday now!

Hopefully work tonight will be just a normal night...

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