By HeidiHH


This one I took over the sea when we went uphill this morning to handle some banking issues. At 9:15 this morning we had already taken the dogs out, had our coffees, visited the bank successfully and done grocery shopping.

When we came back I took the first batch of hand dyed and now washed fabrics out of the machine and hung then to dry. Second batch was in the washer.

Then some pie making for lunch and after doggy walk a load of dyed fabrics to iron. All done now and tomorrow if I still have any energy left I can make something out of the fabrics.

I also dyed some t-shirts for myself: https://www.instagram.com/p/ButPMBEHHcS/
And also one t-shirt that was quite boring got a new blue tint, which made the word MIAMI in pink stand out in a very cool way. I think that's my new favorite t-shirt.

Oh, I did sew one bag and one dress too.

And while going out to the mall to pay our internet and phone invoice for this month, we dropped into Mercadona and bought a small cake. It's sooooooooo goooooood!

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