Pictorial blethers

By blethers


I love this part of Glasgow. My old school, Hillhead, which has the same motto as appears on a shield on the bridge parapet (or had: after I left they changed it from Je Maintiandrai to Nous Maintriandrions, which is perhaps more corporate but certainly even harder to say or to spell) is just up the road; my university's spire is peeping over the roofs on the right. My favourite Italian restaurant is twenty paces to the right of where I'm standing, and the cathedral with my favourite provost, coincidentally named Kelvin,  is just down the road. (If he ever reads this, he can blush prettily).

And I love the way the buildings in this old part of the city tumble around the river, which in its turn fairly seethes along on a day like this. There's a pub just out of shot on the right which has a door on Great Western Road, where I'm standing, and a terrace on the river bank below; the Subway station is on the lower level and there are interesting walkways through unexpected trees ...

It's all very West End, and it's still home, even now.

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