By davidc

Abstract Thursday

Our main task today was to take Mum-in-Law back to the audiology clinic in Macclesfield for the fitting of her new hearing aid. We accomplished this successfully this afternoon so she's now hearing a little better than before. I was very impressed at the high-tech way in which NHS aids are now set up, specifically tuned to the audiogram defects of the individual patient.

We just hope that the new aid doesn't get lost - it must be the 4th or 5th hearing aid she's had! We've written her initials on it in indelible pen, so if any of her cleptomaniac fellow residents in the care home end up expropriating it, there's a chance that they'll be found out!

After leaving MiL about 4pm we set off on the next phase of our tootle round the country, and we're now safely ensconced in the Travelodge at Gloucester for one night.

All this left little time for blipping. Ingeborg's Abstract Thursday challenge has an open theme today as it's the first Thursday of the month. We gave MiL a little present of a rather nice soft neck pillow, in the hope that it may help the discomfort she gets in her neck after falling asleep in her chair; in the past she's resisted wearing a full neck support but hopefully she may be happy to use the neck pillow.The one we bought is a very jolly yellow one with a picture of a busy bee on it: this formed the substrate for today's abstract blip, suitably abused in Photoshop.

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