By Flashcube


Great to get out and about a bit today and catch this lovely stormy sunset looking over the dual carriageway on my way home.

I managed a business meeting and a trip to the garage today and apart from my tongue and mouth beginning to feel sore I enjoyed some food too. I did my own injection this afternoon without anyone there, I don't find it easy but i've finally cracked it even if I do shake a little, just one more tomorrow and that's the first cycle of 7 days over till next round. Last port of call today was the Oncology unit so I used the allocated car parking space at the hospital I've been given a pass for and found myself sitting in a daydream just looking at the sign for quite a while (extra) before I gathered myself back together and got out of the car.

I hope the girls enjoyed wearing the Wimpy Kid's fancy dress today and indulged in lots of reading.

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