By misswinterfinch

Frozen FF today

This is a live blip of Persey trying to see the birds outside on the feeder tray. With a wake-up temperature of  -5ºF or -20ºC we have no flowers for Flower Friday. This dish plant is in front of the iced over window where we (especially Persey) watch the birds.
It is official, that all residents of Oxford are totally fed up with this sub-zero winter. This seems to be nearly the last day of it before we bump up to above 32ºF every day.
I checked my usual "first bloomers" the Pussy Willows yesterday. They are barely trying to open. February is their usual bloom time.
I expect we will catch up in the next week or so, once we see soil again.
Just documenting Climate Change here this year.

I hope this is the last time (for a while) that I post cold and snow blips!

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