Museums and markets

A trip to the Mercado dos Lavradores this morning and it was heaving with folk!  All the different flowers, vegetables, spices, herbs and fruits were quite a sight. We were plied with samples of every kind of fruit, the stall holders are quite determined to get us to buy. We succumbed to a few huge juicy dates and tiny Madeiran bananas! 

The fish market was equally fascinating. An amazing selection of species, and burly men with very big sharp knives dealing with them!

When we had had enough of the hussle and bussle we took ourselves off to the peace and quiet of the very impressive and beautiful Igreja do Colegio, a church full of colourful paintwork and tiles and altars, and then to the Museu de Arte Sacra. Some stunning artworks, paintings and carvings. I was particularly taken with this depiction of Mary Magdalen at the crucifixion. A wonderfully expressive face. 

After lunch we found the embroidery museum. Such fine, detailed work, absolutely amazing to see the delicately sewn cutwork. How the women manage to do it so evenly and precisely I do not know!

All these visits were linked by wanders along cobbled mosaic pavements in the bright sunshine, and enjoying the occasional coffee and a custard tart in friendly little cafés.  Perfect! 
Extras include a selection of illustrated tins of fish! 

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