By Doyley22

Silliness on Silly Saturday

I ask, why would you go to the beach on a rainy day with an umbrella?  Silliness if you ask me. Just get in the water and have a swim.  Gee.
The other thing about swimming on overcast days, the oldies of Western Australia would call it 'shark day'.  I don't think so.
Anyhow, thank you to admirer for her continued hosting of Silly Saturday.
I thought my blip qualified for the challenge today with people on the beach with umbrellas, some sitting underneath and someone dancing with one.

A beautiful day with continual rain that was constant and lovely.
Angus celebrated his seventh birthday today.  Where have those years gone.  
I'm still recovering from yesterday's effort.

Thank you for the kindness you gave for the Red Cap Gum flowers - very much appreciated by us all.  

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