A calm,warm (22C) evening on High Street as the sun begins to set, a little traffic starting to stir, its about 9.30pm and theres still plenty of daylight left as we head towards the longest day of the year.

Back in 1858 it would've been a hot dusty evening, Mr Sansom and his wife and 6 children from Surrey were probably not used to a summer Christmas. Mr Sansom had intended to farm this area but one day as he was taking the family bread out of the camp-oven a stranger stopped by and asked if he could buy some. He bought a quarter of a batch and Mr Sansom felt that there was a demand here that he could fill. He built a store with a large oven attached and combined his trade as a tailor with a bakery. Mr Sansom was one of the first settlers to this eastern part of High Street, his property was just to the left of this image, where the first set of flags are flapping on the lamp post in a gentle breeze.

Well, the weekend is here and Christmas is fast approaching, hope your all keeping well, take it easy blippers - I love Christmas :)

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