... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

St. James's Park: Dive-By Stooping

Sharper eyed in large.
Ready to swoop?
Hawaiian high jump
Ross's goose family roused by noisy greylags

My mother and I went to St. James's Park in the early afternoon sunshine... We went to see the Ross'sling really, but ended up walking the whole way around the lake before finding the Ross's geese snoozing together by the edge of the water. They only roused momentarily when some greylags squabbled nearby...
We saw all sorts, and spent some time with the friendly little nēnē (rather tamer and calmer than the ones at the Wetland Centre), and then with the people who feed the parakeets and passerines at weekends.

Today's selection are here (or right from Nēnē and windswept leaves (1/2))

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