... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

WWT London: White-(af)fronted Goose

More contrasty a shadow in large.
Black-faced whistling duck flapping (6/6)
Red shoveler (m) paddling
Ferruginous duck on damascene water

I managed to resist posting yesterday's nēnē shot, and managed to resist photographing the emperor geese at WWT today (they were being distant, which certainly helped), so reckon that posting these geese is fair game... Our visit was bookended by the sight of this confused barnacle goose persistently and aggressively courting this put-upon white-fronted goose. She eventually managed to get back amongst her kind, but that didn't stop the pursuit.
My favourite shot photographically was the ferruginous duck surrounded by Damascus-steel-y water, and I probably most enjoyed photographing the white-faced whistling ducks washing and flapping, and the pretty red shovelers pottering about peacefully.

Others here (or right from Barnacle goose chasing white-fronted goose (1/3))

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