... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Wandsworth Common: Stop the [Wood] Pigeon

Less keen to be caught in large.
Heron fly-over (4/5)
Bright robin
Splashing in, Chihuly style

I went to see the Cayuga on Clapham Common in the morning but it was being aloof, so I went to see whether the mandarin ducks were still on Wandsworth Common in the afternoon, but they were nowhere to be seen... In the end, I mostly took pics of flighty fauna, including contrasty shots in the sunshine, in flight shots (a heron in the morning, and various birds in the afternoon), and picked up my "Monet & Anatidaephilia" hat for some impressionistic waterbird shots.

Others here (or right from Friendly mallard)
Monet & Anatidaephilia

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