The second half of life..

By twigs

Heading to the yards

'Easy, like Sunday morning' - that's how my day began.  I had a pretty awful night's sleep - not sure why as all the basics were pretty sound......level-ish site, no wind, no rain, no noise, cool air but not cold; I was awake from pretty much 2.00 until 4.00am so a Sunday morning lie in was definitley appreciated.  As I left the campsite the farmer was herding his sheep ready to drive them through the gate and across the road.  I desperately wanted to quickly whip out the drone and capture the sheep going through the squeeze of the gate but respect for the farmer and his work stopped me as I didn't want to be responsible for him having to herd his flock all over again if they dispersed in fear.  Instead, I grabbed a few quick pics with my camera.  As the dogs ushered the last of the sheep through the gate I was able to grab a quick word with the farmer....

"Hi.  I'd love to have used my drone to capture this scene but I felt I should get your permission first.  Would it be ok......."

"Sure thing - no problems - go for it."

Darn!  Still, I managed a few pics of them being driven into the yards - better than nothing.  He drove over after he'd secured the sheep and I showed him the pics which I'll also email to him.  Such a lovely guy - he even invited me back to try again next time I was in the area.  

Popped in to visit Rainie further down the road which is always a pleasure - I do enjoy our natters whenever we do meet up :) 

And then it was on the road, head down, bum up, driving.  There's not a lot on the plains that I want to spend time at and given I want to be home on Tuesday I know I need to drive a bit more purposefully.  One thing I do know though, in the famous words of Arnie - "I'll be back."

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