By dogwithnobrain

The nights were always warm with you.

Today, is an achy, slow day. 

We decided a walk may wake us and restore some of the energy. 

What it did was freeze my fingers.

We stood on Barassie Shore, and watched a loan windsurfer tackle the waves.  Brave and crazy all at the same time.  

Then we headed to the harbour and walked to the Banking - the waves were still breaking over the pathway so we couldn't walk round it. 

But we stood and watched the waves breaking and spotted these little birds hiding in the spaces in the walls. As I tipped my head over the side I blew them away.    As we walked away they flew back into the cracks and saved themselves from the wind. 

The seagurls were watching intently.  There were a lot of people eating bags of chips and the smell was enticing.  The seagurls obviously thought so too. 

Now we are home and I'm sitting, and I intend sitting for several more hours, (maybe until it's bed time).   

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