By dogwithnobrain

I know that I can make it.

I ventured out around tea time to test the fixing of the camera. 

I really didn't want to go out, It was flipping freezing.   

I slept late, listening to the wind and the rain outside. Then I dragged my sorry ass out of bed and we went and had a look at the allotment to make sure stuff was growing, and then headed to Ayr for a piece of Lino. 

Then we did the regular shopping....  and then we came home and I had a nap.  Dribbling as ever over himself's legs.  He is so good to me. 

Then I took that decision to go and stand on the beach in the freezing cold, and the horizontal sleet, and watch the sunset and my hands nipped 

I watched that boat leave the harbour...  and watched a plane fly overhead in the blue, blue sky which was straight overhead.   Do you know I was able to identify the boat from my phone, and where it was going, and the plane too.  

What did we really do before our phones, and the internet web?

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