By dogwithnobrain

In Love, and Always Will be

After I met himself, and I was totally and overwhelmingly besotted by him, he could do no wrong, and there was nothing i thought he could do to  make me love him any more, and then one day, maybe about 8 weeks in, I said I had a camera which didn't work, and in front of me,  he took it apart, ever so carefully, check out all the mechanisms and rebuilt it again. 

I was besotted all over again.  I couldn't believe it... how could I love him more - just because his hands were so clever and careful and could take my camera apart.  (it was an Olympus 35mm ) .

I have no idea. 

he never fails to amaze me with his cleverness. 

And look - all these years later, I broke the camera again.  And I sat and watched those hands be magical all over again, and loved him even a bit more, all over again. 

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