By dogwithnobrain

The moment's here for us to share

Himself dragged me out of my bed today. 

I don't have corona virus, I have sleeping sickness.  The tsese fly must have gotten me. 

I had to go to bed after hairdressers yesterday, and fell sleep again whilst we were watching TV in the early afternoon. 

But he insisted there was work to be done, and I could come and sit and watch.   So I went, and I'm glad I did. . I weeded my leeks and dug up some of my parsnips to have a look at them (Non of them worth eating yet - fat but curley) 

Then I dug up the flower bed, and made everything look tidy. 

Then I weeded the onions, garlic and shallots..   Himself filled 8 potato bags with the early potatoes and dug over the brassica bed, and moved the carrot boxes in to their new home. 

Then we came home and I planted the rest of my flowers outside, in my baskets.  And then I came inside and decided to make a gingerbread cake.... but sit it on top of caramel and apple. 

It's a bit soggy.  Too much moisture int he apples and the caramel. 

But the sun is shining again, in between the sleet and rain, and i feel that i've achieved a little something. 

Tooli is having a day in school with her charges - it's been decided that it's safer to keep them in school rather than let them out into crowds at the weekend - especially since the poor kids have been getting abuse from adults  - for being "Corona Virus Carriers".     Tooli says she feels so protective toward them and can't help but be really angry with people. 

Boy and J, are back in Kuala lumpar. They decided that it was safer there than in Vietnam.  And in other good news - Boy's video has made it to the Finals, and will be shown in a Cinema in Chicago In March!  

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