Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101

Bedraggled but not quite beaten!

I'm really chuffed that you liked yesterday's Silly Saturday ..... & thank you to all of you that took the time to read the 'back story' ..... I hope you enjoyed it! :-)

Horrible weather here today ...... it poured with rain all night .... we've had a lot of heavy showers today & the wind's blowing a gale! There were several mysterious 'bangs' outside .... but we can't see any damage ... so no idea what they were ...... hopefully nothing drastic!

Needless to say we decided that a walk was not the best idea! The weather is supposed to be better tomorrow .... so hopefully we can get a walk then!

So a very quick dash into the garden between the rain for a blip ....... the wind was freezing ...... but of course I braved it in order to get my blip!

This was the only thing that wasn't almost taking off ..... I still had to time this shot between gusts ...... hope you like it :-)

Not sure when I will next get on blip .... will catch up when I can :-)

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