Nature Watcher

By NatureWatcher

A walk in the park

When F went back to his house this morning I went with him - it was good to have a change of scene. 

It's been a sunny day with a very cold wind and hail showers but I need to do short walks so we went to Cae Glas Park and had a wander around. It was strange to see the difference there. Last time I went in the park before my op it was winter and suddenly spring has sprung with blossom and flowers out and buds about to burst. 

I had a walk with several stops and sat on a bench close to the Wilfred Owen sculpture that was unveiled in November. Someone had put a pot of primroses on it.  It's so good to get out even if I can't walk far yet.

This afternoon I read my book and slept which seems to be the pattern of things of late!  Back home now for a warm evening in front of the TV.

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