Blowing A Hoolie - Goldendoodles

Ollie dog and I had a long walk in the Lee Valley Park this morning. It being Sunday we met lots of lovely dogs. We both loved Nora the three-legged, brindle, English Bull Terrier. She lost her leg in a spiral staircase accident. 

We weren't too happy when the owners of a growly mutt said, "We don't like you" to Ollie as they passed. 

When we got to Cheshunt Lock a pair of goldendoodles, who we have met before, were ready for a game.

A young man on a bike stopped me and asked if I was going to walk onwards. I asked why and he said there was an old man in the bushes and he didn't want me to be frightened. I told him that it takes more than an old man in bushes to frighten me. :)    

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