Keith B

By keibr

Gloriously Sunny, Cold, and Very Windy

Today the guys came to fit our woodburner stove, but they could only work to lunchtime so they'll be back to finish the job tomorrow. This was slightly disappointing but it did give us the option to get out on skis into the glorious sun.
We could see it was really windy so we wrapped up very well  and took ourselves out, skiing from the house and heading down to our local lake. Fine snow was swirling across the ground so even though we followed our own tracks back they were already filled with snow once we'd been gone for 30 minutes or so!
The track here has completely gone so Jan is back to trailblazing. That gives her a certain freedom but is much harder work!
The extras shows the state of play in our living room, and Lasse and Pelle in action. So far there are 5 more pictures in a flickr album.  The story so far...
Day 1 - Lasse and Pelle arrived as promised and got to work.  First they covered the floor in thick paper, then they carried everything in, and then they started drilling into our wall to find an unused channel within our chimney.  One drilled while the other vacuumed up the dust and cleared debris. It started badly with the first channel they found already in use for the kitchen wood stove, but they moved sideways and found another channel they could use.  The next stage was to block off the kitchen stove channel, and finally to render the new channel, ready for more action tomorrow.  The story continues...

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