Crazy About Birds

By Kimb

What's Wrong With This Picture?

There shouldn't be a cow in this picture. Or rather, in this field. This is the hayfield we walk around as we walk from our house to the dirt road that is where we take our morning strolls. There are no fences. There are no cows. And yet - there she was! We did see a truck come down the road and stop and look and then turn around and head back to where we imagine the cow came from - so perhaps they were going to fetch whatever they would need to catch her and take her back home. Seemed to me they might need a cowboy with a lariat! She was having a lovely time eating all the grass that's just turning nice and green, I must say. And safely in the middle of a nice big field, so they had time to figure out what to do - it would have been scarier if she'd been in the road.

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