The Botanic Gardens and beyond!

A second attempt at this blip as I lost the signal and everything I had written! Suffice to say we have had a terrific day up at the Botanic Gardens  on what has been the hottest day of the holiday!

It had been just about too hot at times, but we managed more than three hours waking round the gardens and thoroughly enjoying it all. Wonderful planting, something interesting at every turn. So much to look at and take in. As well as the planting, the views all around are stunning. 

I spied a little bird when I was looking at a hanging orchid. It started drinking the nectar from the flowers and seemed totally unconcerned. A wonderful thing to see. We also saw lots of lizards, frogs, bees and butterflies. It will be a while before we see any butterflies at home!

Also went into the natural history museum in the gardens. Specimens mostly collected at the beginning of the 20th century, stuffed birds and fossilised shells, corals and jars of preserved fish. An interesting collection.

Back in the town, we went back to the museum of Sacred Arts to take some more photos, then on to the huge second hand bookshop, Livraria Esperança. It is massive and fascinating, and does have some English books.

One of the extras is a lovely old fashioned food shop specialising in Honey Cake, amongst other delights. 

Another lovely day. It is a wonderful place. Everyone is helpful and friendly, a few words of poorly pronounced Portuguese, and they will smile and do all they can to help you. And the weather helps a lot too! 

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