By mambo

Double Daffs

Not been out yet so l’ve just taken this shot of my window sill and used a mirror image.
Can you believe l’ve not seen one dog pass today, must be the weather.
Storms Gareth has visited and hopefully gone.
No damage for us on inspection this morning after a very wet and blustery night.
Granddaughters trampoline is a write off but did no extra damage when crashing into their house.
Just done a bit of cleaning, not a job l particularly care for but it felt good to be more mobile and get down on my hands and knees again.
Dentist for both of us after lunch.
Will call in to see Rebecca as l owe her some money for some shopping she did for me.
Elaine coming over to stay a couple of days so it’s good to see the house looking nearly spic and span, l’m not that bothered about a perfect home.

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