Introducing Little Miss Almost Valentine

It's that time of year when I stalk the horse barns, watching for the little ones. About a half-dozen babies have been born already this year, most of them female. Two weeks ago, I introduced you to one of them. This week, here's yet another!

This is a portrait of the year's first foal born to the Penn State quarter horses. She is out of Willy Invite Her, by Red White N Good. This little girl came into the world on the morning after Valentine's Day. That's why I think of her as "Little Miss Almost Valentine."

This little lady has a distinctive 3/4-moon marking on her forehead. Hey, I'm no horse expert, but I presumed the bigger horse to be her mother. In this photo, they seemed to both be looking directly at me, almost posing for the camera!

Now, I'm not horse-crazy. No, not like some of my sisters. But I do enjoy these mini ones, and if they'd stay that size, I'd be tempted to get a half-dozen. No, I don't want to ride them. I just like the looks of them!

A soundtrack song for horses: U2, with Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses.

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