Meet Penn State's Newest Filly

February can be a challenging time in Pennsylvania, but one of the great delights of this month is that it usually heralds the first births of foals to the Penn State herd. I've been watching the announcements from Penn State Quarter Horses on Facebook with great excitement: so far we have THREE new babies. These are among the first signs of spring. :-)

And so it is that I've been stalking the horse barns across from the stadium. Last week while on a bus, I caught a glimpse of one of the newest fillies, but of course, I couldn't get OFF the bus to get any pictures! So this week, I've been swinging by the barns almost every day, looking for the babies.

It was sunny and a bit warmer on this afternoon, so I drove past on my way home, and there they were: mother and child! So I stopped for about 15 minutes with my camera and here are some pictures for you. There's one above and there are two more in the extras (in the extras: the baby gets a snack, and a picture of mother and child).

This little filly is baby number three for our herd, by Red White N Good out of Pinella Deville. She was born first thing in the morning on February 26, so she is just a few days old in these photos. Welcome, welcome, little one, to this big, bright, beautiful world!

My soundtrack songs . . .
Natalie Maines, covering the Pink Floyd classic, Mother, and
Elvis Presley, with Can't Help Falling In Love.

Submitted to you with a big, fat, sappy grin, by
this seriously smitten GirlWithACamera. :-)

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