There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Foolish Games

It was mostly an indoor sort of day. And you know how that goes. Sometimes when you are noodling around the house, you find interesting things. And so perhaps it was quite appropriate that we stumbled across the game of Kanoodle!

We don't really know how the game ought to be played because we didn't read the directions and don't plan to. But we had lots of fun anyway. We placed the colorful ball structures on the playing board, and for extra peril, we added tiny alligators in all the side pockets.

Yes, alligators! Just a little bit of green danger. Though - shh, don't tell anybody, those tiny alligators are the friendliest creatures you'll ever want to meet! And then we took turns jumping up and down and running all around on the game. In this photo, a Redshirt has a turn. Careful there, friend!

The soundtrack: Jewel, with Foolish Games.

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