The Tragic Aftermath: Soup Go BOOM!

It's not pretty! You may need to look away.

You know, I try to keep Blip as my happy place. I post pictures of things that I love, things that are beautiful, things that make me happy. But there are moments of heartbreak too, and occasionally, those must be immortalized on these pages as well.

Yesterday's Blip was a happy photo of Tiny Tiger enjoying lobster bisque with me and my friends at the Nittany Lion Inn. We couldn't really tell if the Tiger wanted to eat some of my soup, or luxuriate in that warm bowl like a hot tub - perhaps some kind of Tiger Hot Tub Time Machine.

But then I described the horrifying aftermath: how I took along a tiny container of bisque for later. And how I heated it up the next morning, feeling smug. And how a piece of lobster exploded, knocking the container over and spilling bisque all over the place. Who knew that there is such a thing in the world as exploding lobster?

It was a complete bisque-tastrophe! Oh sure, I salvaged what I could -  just a few ounces of precious bisque - which I immediately snarfed down. I would have taken a photo of the moment the full-on catastrophe hit, but I was scrambling to save the bisque!

So here is a photo of the tragic aftermath. As you can see, the orange bisque has made an absolute mess of my microwave. I posted the above photo on Facebook, and one of my Risky Bisquers had this comment: "The saddest thing ever." I will echo his remarks, with a sigh.

Note to self: please don't cry over spilt bisque. At least, not at work!

We will try, somehow, to soldier on. . . .

Here's a song to go with this very sad scene: Jennifer Warnes, with I Know a Heartache When I See One.

P.S. The only good that came of this is that the microwave received a much-needed cleaning. So at least there's that!

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