Little Miss Cheeky

Charlie, watching me eating breakfast from round the side of my laptop this morning (and hoping for titbits) :)

One year ago today, I lost my  Beautiful Billy Boy to the dreaded C.    Gone but never forgotten, Beautiful Boy X

Little Minxie,  Charlie is beginning to fill the larger Billy Shaped hold in my life....  She is different in every way though :)

Thank you for all your kind comments and stars yesterday.

What a waste of a phone call last night.  GP said he needed to see me before he could give me prescription and told me to ring 111.  I thought about it for a few minutes, then thought I'd give it a go....but as I suspected they just told me to see a GP this week.

So this morning I took my kindle fire to work and tried to book a GP appointment online after 10am....there were none available even at 3/4 minutes past 10am!
In the end I called the surgery, and waited listening to stupid music for 15 minutes on my mobile phone in work time!!  Finally got through and have an appointment tomorrow evening with GP.  

I've also booked a private appointment in advance with my Consultant as I'll probably have to have it looked at again (that's on 1st April - soonest as he's busy and then on holiday)....

Oh well at least I'm home with my Girl now for a relaxing evening after a crazy day at work...

Happy Wednesday folks :)

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