... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

WWT London: Reflective Nēnē

More uncharacteristically calm in large.
Emperor geese: Arrayed grazers & Synchronised sippers
Wood duck framed by foliage
Demoiselles smelling flowers together
Magpie goose inversions

I went to see the emperor geese after they'd been distant at the weekend... They were being snoozy away from the path, and I'd almost given up on getting close to them, but they woke up and waddled over as I was heading back through their enclosure to leave...
I couldn't actually decide between my adorable emperor goose shots, so opted out by picking their nēnē friend, but have uploaded my favourite emperor goose shots as extras.

The nēnēs were all out of place except for the one on her nest; I saw her moving her eggs around which was sweet.

Others here (or right from Snoozing and sneaking)

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