Dolly's Day

By dollydoug

View from bedroom window

The plumber I messaged yesterday just ignored my message and didn't get back to me.  Why do they do that?  If he didn't want the job at least he could have let me know.  So yesterday was a wasted day waiting for him to reply.  This morning I went to Morrisons with my friend Jan and I asked her which plumber she used.  She gave me his details and when I got home I rang him.  He said he would call round this afternoon.

So I sorted out the shopping, had breakfast, did some washing and a few other chores.  Then I watched TV for a bit.  Then the plumber arrived.  I was so pleased to see him.

Turns out the problem was that the thermostat wasn't sending a signal to the boiler to come on.  Thermostat just needed re - setting.  That took a couple of mins.   Heating back on.  Cost - £20.  Job done.

The Wide Wednesday challenge today is " something in your locality".  If I hadn't been waiting in for the plumber I would have had a wander down to the village to find something suitable - instead I just took a photo from my bedroom window of the allotments.  To make it a bit more interesting I used the " One Point Colour " function on my camera.  Thanks to BobsBlips for hosting.

Steps today - 6,224

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