Keith B

By keibr

In Town Again

After yesterday's glorious sun and snow, today we went back to snow and snow as it poured out of a grey sky. In the evening we spent 30 minutes digging the cars out of the snow and went to town to eat pizza and go to filmstudio.  We watched "Jimmy's Hall", a film mainly set in rural Ireland in 1932.  An excellent film, especially if you have leftist tendencies!
Coming out of the theatre after the film we found the snow was continuing to fall. The photo comes from that short walk. Driving home we got to within 500 metres of home before the difficulties started. The steep hill had not been ploughed and there was a lot of snow on the road. We kept going and the car made it up the hill, though it was trying to slide off the road all the way up.  The snow was even deeper on the last 150 metres, from the road to the house. We made it to the bend but the car stopped there with wheels just spinning. I backed back to the road and charged in again but only made it a couple of metres more. Karin and Jan got out of the car and started digging away the snow. I backed a little and charged forward and after 5 minutes of digging I made it onto the home stretch and then home!
The digging continued as we needed to get Karin's car out to the road, and mine into the parking space hers had been in. We were out another 30 minutes before finally heading in for a cup of tea.  It seemed a lot of work just to go out for the evening to see a film, but that's life in the snowy north!!

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