By dfb24


Anything goes today, as the theme for Abstract Thursday is "abstract". I took this at the park this morning (the original is in the extras), added a neon glow filter & liked the results. 
Today is Tom's and my 32nd wedding anniversary, and since his white count was normal, the doctor said it would be fine for us to go out to dinner--first time in over a year--with a few precautions. He advised us to go early so there aren't too many people there & said not to eat from a buffet, as the food may have been sitting out for awhile. So that's our plan for early evening, providing he's feeling okay after today's chemo. Weather-wise it's not at all like it was 32 years ago, when I'd woken up to snow that had fallen during the night. In contrast, today holds a hint of spring in the air & the temp, a very mild 43 degrees (F).  Life is good.  :))
Thanks Ingeborg for hosting AbstractThursdays. 

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