Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Not just wind, then ...

I think we've all been a tad obsessed with the wind the past few days - I know I have, especially at midnight on Tuesday as I wrestled with my rattling hotel window. But a latish walk this afternoon reminded me of the other weather effect in the utterly sodden nature of the countryside, even on what had been a reasonably dry day. (Perhaps that's an overstatement. But we didn't get wet and we were out for over an hour ...)

The flood I walked through on the road here had grown since last visit, so that we actually had to wade through it. The newly-cleared ditches were running with water, but the land below that level is so completely saturated that there's nowhere for the water to go. This field is typical of any low-lying areas. And apparently we're due more gales, and then some snow, and we're still not having a People's Vote ...


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