But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave

Teasel in the Park.

Took Herself to the Drum Riding for the Disabled before walking dugs in the country park, in the rain, again. Put the dugs in the car exchanging them for an umbrella and looked a right prat using it to keep the camera dry for the Blip. The tripod would have made life easier.
The teasel is the only plant left standing in any of last year’s wild flower meadows which, being fairly mature, now only sport a few species. We have heard that the Chapel has offered to fund the annual bun-fight in The Glen, known as Teas in the Park, now that the cooncil has pleaded that poverty prevents it from supporting the event; I’m just wondering where all the money from the rates for all of the new builds is going; it’s not supporting community services, that I do know. They got a good return for their investment with all of the voluntary labour that maintains and cleans the park.

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