But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave


On my way down to collect Herself and the dugs and attempt to wear their legs down a bit, I noticed this car stuck half way up the bank and impaled on one of the steel bollards; it was still there when we walked the dugs past an hour or so later – but – when we were taking said dugs back home again, there was a hi-vis man putting footprints on its bunnet. Mr Hi-vis reckoned the car, less than a year old, was a write-off, so, when he had the orange sling underneath it and the crane was taking the strain, he was not worried that the bodywork became so distorted that the doors would never open (or close) again. It wasn’t his car any way.
The speed limit here is 60 m.p.h. and I assume that the driver was trying to maintain that speed around the hair-pin bend. I was accused of being unkind when I commented that I hoped the driver received injuries that while not being life threatening were, at the same time, very painful. It is my experience that hitting the insurer’s pocket is not a good incentive to improve driving skills; inflicting serious pain on the driver, on the other hand, might be effective.

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