Capital adventures

By marchmont

Karaoke queen

Back to normal. Washing, tidying, shopping, cooking dinner, enjoying the sun and the very warm pool and later on struggling with account starting balances.

The new Chinese karaoke present seemed more interesting to Olivia than going to the pool after school. We had an early dinner instead.

There was sad news when I got back to the airport yesterday, my ex B iin L has died aged almost 66. I haven't seen him since my mother in law's funeral in 2012 and to be honest didn't see him much of him in the 30+ years we were related. He and his brother weren't close. Sent an email and then discovered #3 son hadn't been told his uncle was dead, probably because the news had been sent via a Facebook message and he doesn't 'friend' parents.

And miles away the Omnishambles continues.

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