the winter blues

My policy of not-rearranging-things-to-make-better-pictures-as-once-you-start-that-there'll-be-too-many-configurable-parameters-to-deal-with-which-would-get-in-the-way-of-taking-the-photographs prevented me from having a poke around nearby for an empty Buckfast or other suitable inebriating agent bottle to rest just within reach of the arms the sandbag doesn't have. The first of the two talking cones (the misanthropomorphic one) was originally going to be a sandbag just because the word sounded better but on the day there weren't any sandbags in suitable positions or locations; if only this one had been there then.

After several weekends of not exploiting time to the full I was up and out and walking before breakfast if not before dawn today in order to get back into the whole it's-nice-to-be-up-and-about-before-everyone-else thing. I shall probably be up if not about before lots of people tomorrow morning if my downstairs neighbour resumes his moronic music-thumping when he returns from wherever he's gone but I have my prior incident numbers and the phone number of the noise police all ready this time. Tomorrow morning I plan to get up whilst it's still dark in order to get a shot I've been wondering about for a while for this month's work photo club competition which requires both partial darkness and an absence of traffic to work and to be safe to take. I managed a few earlier-than-I-have-been-doing mornings this week and shall try and expand on this next week in order to be in a nice early-rising mood to make the most of next month's holiday despite the one-hour-aheadness of the destination.

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