By iaint

Snow Day

What can I say?

The snow started about breakfast time. It gave way to rain at lunchtime. The rain stopped in the late afternoon. When I went to the supermarket about 6pm the temperature had crept up to 2.5⁰c. 

I was tempted to stay at home rather than drive 20 minutes inland to the farm - the risk being other drivers rather than the snow itself - but decided if I went early the risk would be reduced. It was, and only a couple of bits of idiocy wound me up. 

That means the fridge is stocked until 7 days before Brexit. Will there still be food on the supermarket shelves this time next week? Panic buying time must be approaching. 

I must confess I bought an extra tin of tomatoes this morning, just in case. 


I made soup. I must be showing my age when that is a highlight. To be fair to myself, it is wonderful - roasted garlic. It is incredibly easy to make as well. It is an Extra. The recipe calls for the best part of 3 heads of garlic, so the smell and flavour are strong. 

And I wonder why I live alone?

The Blip is at the farm shop. Spring, huh. 


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